Geriatric Medicine

Brisbane Geriatric and Adult Medicine Practice offers a range of medical services to those aged 65 and over.

Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment

Is a multidimensional diagnostic process to determine the medical, psychological and functional capabilities of an elderly person. We aim to provide solutions to any ailments being experienced and establish a management plan to improve wellbeing and quality of life.


People with dementia experience cognitive symptoms such as memory loss, confusion, word-finding difficulty, shortened attention span and difficulty concentrating on and planning things. In addition, common non-cognitive symptoms of dementia can include heightened aggression, agitation, anxiety, delusions, hallucinations, wandering and sexual/social disinhibition. Dealing with the symptoms of dementia can be stressful for patients and their families. We can assist you or a loved one with diagnosis and management of dementia. 

Memory Assessments

Memory loss that interferes with day-to-day function is not normal and needs to be carefully investigated. If you or a loved one is experiencing such memory loss, your GP will be able to determine if referral to a Geriatrician (or another specialist) is required.


Is characterised by acute deterioration in a person's mental status. It usually comes on over a short period of time and can fluctuate in severity. If a loved one has recently developed impaired concentration, attention span, awareness, or cognitive function we recommend you organise an appointment for review.

Medication Review (Polypharmacy) - Are you overburdened by the amount of medications that you take? Do you find yourself wondering if you really need to take everything that you are currently taking? We would be happy to review your medications. Reviews optimise medicines and some patients may find that we are able to reduce the number of medications that they are taking. We may be able to reduce drug side effects and help reassure you as to which medications are really important.

Perioperative Medicine

We offer review and management of medical conditions for patients with advanced age prior to surgery. Assessing a patient's fitness for surgery and stabilising any health problems is important in the lead up to an operation to reduce complications. Please contact us well in advance of any planned surgery if you would like to organise a review.


When people with advanced age break bones, it often spells reduced function and mobility and other complications. We work with a multi-disciplinary team to give patients the best shot at regaining their lifestyle after a fracture.

Falls Prevention

Falls are a major cause of injury and hospital admission in older people. We undertake detailed falls prevention assessments; seeking to identify and address any balance, disorientation and circulatory issues that may contribute to falls. If you or a family member has experienced a near-fall incident you should contact your GP for advice and possible referral to a geriatrician.

Continence Assessment - Are you suffering from recurrent bladder infection or urinary incontinence? This is not part of normal ageing, but the risk is increased with advanced age. These conditions cause significant impact on quality of life. There are many new medications available to treat incontinence that may be able to be offered after thorough assessment of your bladder dysfunction. Dr Luciana Kelly is an expert indiagnosis and treatment of such conditions (having previously held the position of Continence Fellow at the Royal Melbourne Hospital). She would be happy to review your case.

Private Hospital Admission - In some circumstances the level of care required by a person cannot be provided within the community or at a nursing home. In these instances we usually arrange a private hospital admission. We do require private health insurance details for such admissions to ensure the cost of a patient's hospital stay is reduced.

Review in Aged Care Facility - We can visit Aged Care Facilities to provide reviews for a variety of conditions.